Since 2018, JEVS’ EduConnect program has been helping people access affordable education. They offer a range of courses, certificates, and degrees to improve job opportunities for individuals. EduConnect’s flexibility and personalized support make it accessible to people with different needs and goals.

About EduConnect

EduConnect is a program that helps people begin or advance in growing career fields. It offers in-demand certifications and different learning options, including online classes. It also provides one-on-one guidance throughout the educational journey.

EduConnect’s success coaches maintain regular contact with participants through phone calls or text messages. They also assist in connecting students with community resources like childcare and transportation. Additionally, EduConnect offers tutoring and encouragement to ensure students stay on track and succeed in their education.

Tamika’s EduConnect Experience

Tamika learned about EduConnect through a referral from the Work Ready staff. The program’s flexibility allowed her to balance her studies with her existing commitments, while the dedicated support from her success coach proved invaluable. The practical experience she gained during her externship prepared her well for her current job.

After successfully completing her coursework and gaining 400 hours of experience at Greater Philadelphia Health Action (GPHA), a dental center, Tamika received an exciting job offer. She is now a full-time Sterilization Technician at GPHA.

Tamika’s story reflects her hard work and EduConnect’s support. Now she’s continuing to motivate others to build a career path through education available at JEVS.

Learn More about EduConnect

Tamika’s success story is one of many that show the positive impact of EduConnect. It’s more than just an educational program; it’s an opportunity to create a career and life path. To learn more about EduConnect, click this link to visit the program website, or contact the EduConnect team.

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