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Get Noticed on LinkedIn

If you’re not branding yourself professionally and utilizing your connections on LinkedIn you aren’t giving yourself a fair chance at getting interviews. Learn how to build an effective LinkedIn profile that attracts the attention of recruiters; make new connections with people at the companies on your list; find and apply for jobs and follow-up with the right people.

Get Your Resume and Cover Letter Noticed

Free webinar! Is your resume getting you noticed? If not, join us to find out how to optimize your resume with the right keywords so that it rates high on an Applicant Tracking System; highlight accomplishments that will impress employers vs focusing on responsibilities and more.

From PA CareerLink® Participant to Professional Driver 

PA CareerLink® provides comprehensive services for both jobseekers and employers. It helps participants learn new skills, including how to write a resume, prepare for an interview, and maintain steady employment. Through this partnership, JEVS Human Services (JEVS) supports employment in the Philadelphia region.  

PA CareerLink® participant, Okeim, recently shared his experience with us. 

“My journey with CareerLink began when I met my JEVS career counselor, Ms. G. She gave me some suggestions about trades that could help me not face this situation ever again if I paid attention and did what I had to do. She also helped me to get clothing and public transit. 

Since I like to travel, Ms. G. suggested that I get my CDL class A license. To see the world and get paid to do it made sense to me! So, I took her advice, and my journey was off to a good start. I would have to wait for all the paperwork to go through; but my mother always said anything worth having is worth waiting for.  

After consistent efforts over four months, I finally received a call from Ms. G. Unfortunately, it came two days after my mother’s death. I was crushed but more determined than ever! 

Ms. G contacted Congreso where I would take CDL classes. [Congreso works with JEVS as a training provider to prepare students to go to CDL schools.]  

After I obtained my CDL (commercial driving learning permit) class A, I had my interview at Congreso. Congreso helped me pick Smith and Solomon Commercial Driving School. I stayed in constant contact with their administrator, Ms. Kiki, and assistant administrator, Ms. Sharday. 

Once at the school, I started receiving my monthly transpass and keeping my counselor up-to-date with my progress. I am proud to say that I obtained my class A commercial driver’s license.  

A new journey now begins as I look to join the commercial driving workforce.  

I would like to say thank you to Ms. G and everyone that was involved in my getting to PA CareerLink®. Thank you for having these types of programs because I didn’t have to pay for anything out-of-pocket. Thank you also to Ms. Kim and Ms. Mayra at Congreso; Ms. Kiki and Ms. Sharday at Smith and Solomon; and last, but not least, my instructor Ms. Baker.” 

To learn more about PA CareerLink®, click this link 


Ten Signs That Someone You Love Needs Help with Everyday Tasks 

By Thomas H. 

As the people we love get older, it’s important to watch for signs they may need help with everyday tasks. Knowing these signs will help you make sure that your loved one is safe and well. If they do need help, you can arrange for a home health aide or become a Family Caregiver. Getting seniors support with chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry helps them to keep living independently and with dignity. Here are the key signs to look out for:

  1. Changes in Appearance or Grooming Habits: Watch for changes in personal hygiene, such as body odor, unkempt appearance, or re-wearing the same clothes. These changes could mean they’re having trouble with bathing, grooming, or doing laundry.

  2. Trouble Moving Around at Home: If you notice any unexplained bruises or injuries, or if someone seems hesitant to leave their home, it could mean they’re having trouble with moving around safely, which might make them more likely to fall.

  3. Neglected Chores: A once tidy home that suddenly becomes messy, a sink filled with dishes, or unopened mail piled on a table can be signs that someone is struggling with tasks like cleaning, cooking, or managing money.

  4. Losing Weight or Eating Differently: If someone suddenly loses weight, has expired food in the fridge, or starts skipping meals, it could mean they’re having difficulty with things like buying groceries, cooking, or remembering to eat regularly.

  5. Forgetting Things and Feeling Confused: Forgetting appointments, medications, or important dates, and feeling confused about daily routines or familiar places might show that someone is having trouble with their memory or thinking.

  6. Less Time with Others: Spending less time with friends and family, not talking much, or not doing hobbies could mean someone is feeling lonely, sad, or finding it hard to get around.

  7. Problems taking Medicine: Missing doses of medicine, not being sure when or how to take prescriptions, or keeping old medicines might show that someone is having trouble managing their medicines by themselves.

  8. Injuries without a Clear Reason: Bruises, cuts, or burns that can’t be explained might be from accidents or falls. They may be a sign that your loved one is having difficulty moving around or that there are things in the home that aren’t safe.

  9. Changes in Mood or Behavior: When someone is happy one minute and then mad or frustrated the next, or if they are acting in ways that seem different, it could mean they are struggling with the challenges of getting older or finding daily tasks hard to do.

  10. Unopened Mail and Money Issues: Having a lot of mail that hasn’t been opened, not paying bills on time, or making strange money choices might show that someone is having trouble managing their money or could be the victim of scams or fraud.

If you notice any of these signs, it may be time to talk with your loved one about how they can get help. It’s important that you talk about any changes you notice with empathy and respect for your loved one’s independence. 

JEVS Care at Home can help you ensure the well-being and quality of life for your loved one. Contact us today to learn more about our award-winning care and how we help seniors live fully and independently.

Celebrating Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, which recognizes the many career opportunities in the trades industries. During CTE Month, we take the time to learn about and share the benefits of completing CTE training.

Understanding Career and Technical Education (CTE) 

CTE helps students learn job skills through hands-on learning, connecting classroom knowledge with real-world job requirements. It also offers opportunities for internships and apprenticeships to provide thorough training. The goal is to get students ready for the future. 

students in class holding certificates

Training that Leads to Career Options

CTE also lets students try out different jobs before choosing one. Students can choose between many paths, including healthcare, technology, and building trades. Once students focus on an option, they are able get certificates and degrees that can lead to jobs. In February, during CTE Month, schools, businesses, and communities come together to recognize and celebrate CTE programs. 

Explore CTE Options

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) and its program Orleans Technical College (OTC) both offer CTE options for medical, information technology, and building trades industries.

JEVS offers medical and information technology training. Some programs even help eligible participants gain a high school diploma equivalent. To learn more about CTE options at JEVS, click this link

Students in hard hats working on electrical board.

OTC offers day and evening courses as well as medical and building trades programs. To learn more about CTE options at OTC, click this link.

Career and Technical Education Month reminds us of how important CTE is for the future workforce. By focusing hands-on learning and real-world training, CTE helps people gain job-ready skills and start on a successful career path. 

Recognizing Black History Month 2024

By Ashley R.M.

Black History Month 2024 recognizes important contributions of African Americans in the arts. We celebrate the creativity and innovation of Black voices—artists, thinkers, organizations, and media outlets that enrich our culture and make a positive impact on society.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Efforts at JEVS

This month, we’re also reflecting on our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) journey at JEVS. Our organization started in 1941 to help Jewish refugees during World War II. Over the years, we’ve expanded our services to support people of all ages, races, genders, and communities. We continue this work today, addressing current challenges and providing opportunities for fulfilling careers in an inclusive environment.

At JEVS, we embrace DEI in various ways, including supporting employee-led resource groups (ERGs). One of our largest ERGs, the African American, African, and Caribbean (AAAC) ERG, was created almost three years ago to promote diversity and inclusion. Members of this group make a positive impact beyond our company by volunteering throughout the year. For instance, they recently supported The Choice is Yours Dr. Martin Luther King’s Day of Hope, providing essential items to families in need in the Philadelphia area.

JEVS’ Partnership with The Ladipo Group

We also focus on equal education, leadership, and economic opportunities for all. In 2023, JEVS began a partnership with The Ladipo Group. The Ladipo Group is the region’s only therapy, counseling, and Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion consulting practice that specializes in serving Black and African American communities. Through this partnership, we sponsor an ongoing DEI Speaker series, addressing important topics like employee well-being and creating safe environments in the Human Services industry.

Get Involved

JEVS remains committed to collaborating with diverse partners to amplify voices, broaden perspectives, and better serve our communities. As we reflect on #BHM, we want to know: what does Black History Month mean to you?

To explore Black History Month events in Philadelphia, click this link.

Explore Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs at JEVS Human Services

Discover JEVS Human Services (JEVS) programs this February during Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month! JEVS provides choices in medical training, information technology, and continuing education to help you learn and grow in your career.

EduConnect: Certifications for High-Demand Jobs

EduConnect provides certifications for jobs in medical or information technology industries. Students receive success coaching and one-to-one support. Classes are hybrid and at no cost for eligible applicants. Click this link to learn more about EduConnect’s medical and IT programs.

Project WoW: Property Maintenance & Repair (PMR) or Certified Production Technician (CPT) Programs

Project WoW’s PMR track is a free 22-week program for Philadelphia residents aged 16-24. It includes skills training, help to gain a high school diploma equivalent, and support to find a job in the building trades. The program is free for eligible participants. Click here to learn more about Project WoW and PMR.

Get started with CTE options at JEVS Human Services!Project Wow’s CPT route is a 6-8 week program for Philadelphia residents aged 18-24. Options include logistics, manufacturing, maintenance, production, and more. Participants can earn MSSC’s CPT 4.0 & CPT+ certifications in Safety, Manufacturing Process & Production, Quality Practices & Measurement, and Maintenance Awareness. Instructors are certified by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). The programs use Amatrol computer-based learning to simulate real-world factory situations. Interested in the CPT option? Click this link for more information.

IT Pre-Apprenticeship: Training for Philadelphians Aged 18-24 in IT and Office Technology

For Philadelphians aged 18-24, JEVS offers the IT Pre-Apprenticeship program, providing training in IT and office technology. This program can open doors to opportunities in the tech field and is free for eligible participants. Click here to explore the IT Pre-Apprenticeship.

Classes are starting soon, so reach out today!

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) Shares Updated Mission and Vision

As 2024 begins, JEVS has taken a first step in finalizing its fiscal year 2025-2027 Strategic Plan with a newly refreshed mission and vision.

Based on staff feedback, our Board of Directors recently approved an updated mission and vision for JEVS.

It is:

Mission: JEVS Human Services (JEVS) works with individuals to create sustainable paths to independence and economic security.

Vision: Every person achieves personal independence and fulfillment.

Our mission and vision reflect JEVS’ long-standing history of helping people connect to opportunity and cultivate independence.

We’re continuing to build on great moments from last year, including the All-Staff Town Halls, milestone celebrations, and the accomplishments featured in the 2023 Annual Report.

With heartfelt appreciation for our participants, sponsors, and staff, JEVS is excited for the year ahead!

People of JEVS: Meet Revena

By Rossella A.

The main goal of Work Ready is to help people gain independence and find fulfillment.

This support makes a positive difference in their lives, families, and communities. It also helps them grow. One participant, Revena W. shares how she went through the same path others are now taking.

Her journey of growth and success is inspiring and is sure to encourage anyone in a similar position.

How long have you been with JEVS?

“I have been associated with JEVS since 2007. Initially, I was a client when JEVS operated at 112 N. Broad St. During that time, my case coordinator was Luis Gonzalez, and my placement counselor was Evelyn Morales. The manager at that time was Soulemayne Falls. These three individuals played a pivotal role in helping me identify the barriers that I was unaware of. With their guidance, I gradually transitioned into administrative duties by volunteering in the file room with Mr. George. I am thrilled to share that I was offered a position as a Case Coordinator in November 2022, which, within a short span of one year, evolved into the esteemed role of a Clinical Services Supervisor.”

“I had to have faith in myself. JEVS helped me find my potential. This boosted my self-assurance and made me determined to achieve success.” – Revena W.


What attracted you to your role and JEVS?

“I have always expressed my desire to join JEVS and assist individuals in the same manner I was supported. JEVS has demonstrated to me that by effectively utilizing the available resources, I can truly transform the dynamics of my own existence. Despite facing initial rejections, I remained persistent and listened to God’s guidance, which ultimately led me to reapply and secure the opportunity.”

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career at Work Ready?

“If you’re considering this job, be ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. The people we work with need someone who can understand them and assist them in finding solutions. Often, people accept a job without fully understanding what they’re getting into. In this role, be prepared to offer support when no one else will, be prepared for the emotional moments when your clients break down barriers, be prepared for some frustration when you recognize the potential in your clients even if they aren’t aware of it, and most importantly, be prepared for the unexpected. But overall, I must say, “I absolutely LOVE my job.”

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people do not know that I used to be shy. In the early stages of my life, I was incredibly reserved and lacked assertiveness. However, everything changed as I entered my late teenage years and experienced the unfortunate reality of being a victim of bullying. It was during this time that I found my voice and from that point forward, I never turned back.

If you’re interested in a rewarding career, view our current job listings by clicking here.  

Congratulations to JEVS’ Work Ready Graduates!

Since 2021, JEVS Human Services’ Work Ready program has helped 88 individuals earn high school diplomas through its partnership with Penn Foster.

Now, the 2023 graduating class sets its own record with a graduation rate of 100%.

Graduates, staff, and loved ones gathered at the Duke & Duke Boardroom at 123 S. Broad St. to celebrate the accomplishment.

Overcoming Obstacles to Obtain a High School Diploma

Many of the 23 graduating students spoke about challenges they experienced as young adults that led them to leave high school. They also shared how they knew that getting a diploma was important to getting a job and taking care of their children and families.

One of the graduates and event speakers, Yanamea T., was also recognized for academic excellence. She admits, “When I first enrolled in Penn Foster, I was nervous, but I knew I needed to put my best foot forward and take a leap of faith.” In the program, she gained confidence in herself and made it her goal to graduate for herself and her kids.

She’s grateful for instructor Alberta Lloyd, who works with students through the program: “My instructor Ms. Alberta was there every step of the way encouraging and reminding me that this is part of my goal.”

She encourages her peers to remember “to keep moving forward and hold your head high. If the naysayers say you can’t do it, don’t listen to their negative words. We are living proof.”

Celebrating a Strong Foundation

Those in the room held back tears as the graduates exclaimed, “we started together, and we’re finishing together!”

They spoke about encouraging each other and not giving up. They also praised Ms. Alberta, who received an award for her dedication and commitment to helping people succeed in the program. She told the graduates to remember that “you can do anything because you have persevered.”

JEVS’ Work Ready Director of Learning and Strategy Mark Webb gave closing remarks and emphasized the significance of earning a high school diploma. He reminded the graduates that their diplomas give them the foundation to build on toward their biggest dreams.

Individuals who are interested in JEVS’ Work Ready program can learn more by clicking this link

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