In 2020, JEVS Human Services formed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Council. The mission of the DEI Council is to create an environment that attracts the best talent, valuing diversity, with the importance of lived experiences and perspectives. The DEI Council also encourages innovation in pursuit of our mission.

Some of the initiatives spearheaded by the Council are the development of a speaker series to provide information and enlightenment with staff about DEI-related topics; creation of a variety of Employee Resource Groups for idea sharing and thought-provoking discussions; and an evaluation of our organizational practices around hiring, retention and promotion of staff.

Membership of the DEI Council is comprised of employees from programs and administrative departments across the organization, who have come together in pursuit of a workplace culture committed to ensuring all our employees feel included, valued, appreciated and free to be who they are at work.


  • Hugh Simmons – Co-Chairperson
  • Joy Smith-Groomes – Co-Chairperson
  • Latasha Beckton – Co-Chairperson
  • Kiersten Lenherr – Co-Chairperson
  • Liz Curcio Griscom – Resource Group Facilitator
  • Ian Smith – Resource Group Facilitator
  • Sue Highsmith – Resource Group Facilitator
  • Kenya Barrett – Resource Group Facilitator
  • Dalia Arnold – Learning & Development Subcommittee
  • Jeffrey Abramowitz – Learning & Development and Hiring Practices Subcommittees
  • Katie Shinholster – JEVS Partnerships & Brand Subcommittee
  • Julia Blackwell – Policy Review and Advancing LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Subcommittees
  • Nigel Bowe – Program Enhancement Subcommittee
  • Devona Denmark – Policy Review Subcommittee
  • Nicki Woods – Learning & Development Subcommittee
  • Luis Gonzalez – Hiring Practices and LGBTQ+ Inclusivity Subcommittees
  • Mary Mehler – Policy Review Subcommittee
  • Mark Webb – Learning & Development and Program Enhancements Subcommittees
  • Souleymane Fall – Learning & Development, Program Enhancement, and JEVS Partnerships & Branding Subcommittees
  • Eileen Gross – Policy Review Subcommittee

> Learn more…contact [email protected] with any questions for our council.

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