This month, we celebrated colleagues who have reached 20 years or more of employment with JEVS Human Services (JEVS). We celebrate their hard work, dedication, and commitment to our organization and those we serve. 

20 Years

Samantha Adkins
Arnold Anglade
Jarrod Anthony
Derrick Bacon
Nigel Bowe
Teneika Brown
Christian Brownell
Deborah Childs
Sharyn Cole
Omayra Connelly
Edward Culmer
Thomas Darden
Paul Devito
Mary Foley
Homonda Henderson
Jeanette LaRoda
Nora Lugo
Charles Monroe
Elizabeth Oglesby
Faith Oyugi
Louise Price
Sharon Rosenberg
Annette Silva
Somrith Som
Inna Vestel
Billy Vo
Amber R. Waters-Porter
Luz Wright

25 years

Andre Mitchell
Anne Porter
Darrence Roberson

30 years

Linda Best
Mark Brooker
John Medley
Erica Pugh
Musu Zeon
Rachel Ziring

35 years

Delcene Emerson
Cheryl Seaborough


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