By Charmaine Cunningham 

Darryl is a North Philadelphia native and former stay-at-home father who came to JEVS Human Services (JEVS) for help finding employment. After enrolling at the PA CareerLink® location operated by JEVS, he discovered that the supportive services they offered included childcare and resume tips. These supports helped begin his journey.  

Darryl met with his job developer, Charmaine, who referred him to his first job where he had a schedule that still allowed him to be present for his children. This opportunity helped him successfully transition into the workforce while preparing for more.  

He continued to work with his job developer who mentored him and prepared him for interviews. In 2022, Darryl began a new role with Inspiritec as a customer service representative where he works today. Darryl’s determination and willingness to seek help at PA CareerLink® has led him from part-time employment to a full-time job in customer service. 

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