By Serhii Yuzkiv 

Meet Tetiana. Tetiana is a wife and mother from the Ukraine whose family fled the Russian-Ukrainian war and came to the United States for safety and refuge.  

Like many Ukrainians, they were forced to flee so that they would survive, which means they left everything else behind. Their jobs, their possessions, and their lives as they knew it. In this way, coming to a country is an extreme culture shock, especially for refugees who suddenly experience such a significant life change.  

So, when Tetiana and her family arrived here, they saw that starting a new life in a new country had many challenges. 

Which is why JEVS Center for New Americans (CNA) helps individuals overcome language barriers, enter the workforce, and become self-sufficient. The CNA staff helped Tetiana complete her family’s enrollment paperwork, schedule their next appointments, assisted her husband in finding a job, and helped get her children enrolled in school.  These steps are important accomplishments which can otherwise be difficult for refugees to navigate alone.  

Now Tetiana works at her daughter’s school, where she landed a job after working with her CNA job developer. As she continues to adjust to life in the United States, she’s grateful for the help and support she received from JEVS Center for New Americans. For Tetiana, as for many refugees, CNA provides critical resources so that she and her family can continue building new lives.  

If you or someone you know is a New American in need of support, please click here to learn more. 

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