Lifesharing Participant Jessenia and JEVS Lifesharing staff, Gina, share a selfie.

JEVS Lifesharing allows individuals with intellectual disabilities to live with the support of a loving and caring Lifesharer within the community.

Jessenia, 43, has been a Lifesharing participant for six years. Introduced to the Lifesharing program by a staff member from a former residential agency, Jessenia was paired with a Lifesharing family where she lived for her first four years in the program.

Two years ago, Jessienia and her sister, agreed to live with one another, with Jessenia’s sister as her Lifesharer.  With the JEVS staff, Gina, Jessenia was supported in her transition to her new home, community, and was the lead in creating a plan for Jessenia to thrive in her new environment.

Most recently, Gina accompanied Jessenia on a trip to Atlantic City.  Jessenia expressed that she had saved enough money to take a vacation. Gina supported Jessenia in planning a vacation.  Jessenia picked a date, booked her room, and made plans for the weekend with the help of her team.

A month after planning the trip, Jessenia and Gina drove to Atlantic City about a month later to enjoy a weekend of fun, food, and relaxation. Together they enjoyed the Showboat Hotel and Casino, the beach, the boardwalk theme park, the casino, shopping at the outlets, and dinner at The Hard Rock Café!

Jessenia is already planning her next trip with the hopes that she and Gina could duplicate their fun while on the boardwalk of Atlantic City.

For more information on the JEVS Lifesharing program, and how to become a program Participant or Lifesharer,  click here.

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