Meet Oshy, a recent graduate of the JEVS PROJECT WOW (World of Work) program. Run from inside the Orleans Technical College in Northeast Philadelphia, JEVS PROJECT WOW offers free educational and employment services to 18-24 year old Philadelphia residents, without a high school diploma.

Through both skills training and high school diploma program assistance, JEVS PROJECT WOW  helps teens and young adults take the next steps towards a promising future.

As a teenager without a stable home, Oshy was unable to finish high school. As young adult, he continued to struggle to find a better job and realized he couldn’t get ahead, or anywhere, without a high school diploma. When other programs failed to work for him, Oshy came to JEVS PROJECT WOW.  Learning about the opportunity through a post on Instagram, he was inspired by the pride he saw in other Project WOW participants and joined the program.

Guided by WOW program director, Sylvia Ocasio and team, Oshy exceeded expectations to become this session’s most-improved Project WOW student. In six short months, he was able to successfully graduate with a high school diploma, gain skills-training, and earn OSHA credentials. His accomplishments give him the opportunity for an in-demand, living-wage job for today, and a career path for tomorrow.

Although completing the program was difficult at times, with the confidence and ambition Oshy developed, he pushed through the work to complete a goal that will allow him to further his skills training and find gainful employment. Proud of his achievements, Oshy credits WOW for ‘changing everything’ for him.

Facing a future with limited opportunities, Oshy shows that circumstances don’t have to define you. With the right support, you can meet your goals and go from struggling to thriving.

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