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hireAbility provides employment services to help individuals with disabilities, mental health needs, or substance use disorders gain employment and be active in their communities. hireAbility works with eligible participants in Pennsylvania and southern New Jersey to help them find and flourish in a well-matched job environment.  


  • Support and training through all stages of the job search process, including:  
    • Finding suitable job matches  
    • Building a resume and applying online 
    • Preparing for interviews 
    • Gaining necessary workforce skills 
    • Visiting potential job sites 
    • Accepting and retaining employment 

Additional programs for youth and adults in Pennsylvania and New Jersey include but are not limited to:

  • School to Work
    This program helps students with disabilities transition from school to adulthood, work, postsecondary education, or vocational training. 


  • hireAbility serves people living with a physical, intellectual, mental health disability, or substance use disorder, in Pennsylvania or southern New Jersey.  
  • For more information about eligibility requirements for specific services, please contact hireAbility.


hireAbility is free for qualifying participants.


123 S. Broad, 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19109

Camden County College
200 College Drive
Blackwood, NJ 08012


Monday – Friday
9 am – 5 pm


TEL (PA & NJ): (215) 854-1787
EMAIL: [email protected]


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