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Work Ready provides employment services to individuals who receive TANF and SNAP assistance, helping them overcome obstacles to self-sufficiency. A team of dedicated case coordinators designs personalized plans to assist these individuals in reaching their goals. Alongside offering employment resources and workforce skills training, coordinators help address various life challenges, such as securing internet access and accessing resources for children with special needs. Work Ready is dedicated to aiding individuals on their path toward stable employment and self-reliance.


  • Personalized one-to-one case management and service coordination led by a trained professional, including an assessment of obstacles hindering success
  • Development of individualized service plans to address identified obstacles and cater to specific needs 
  • Assistance with job search and readiness, helping individuals prepare for employment opportunities 
  • Placement in internships as well as job training programs tailored to enhance skills and increase employability 
  • Specialized services for individuals who’ve had involvement with the justice system. 
  • Provision of laptops, Chromebooks, and Wi-Fi hotspots for education and job training purposes. 
  • Services aimed at fostering financial literacy, educational development, and life skills acquisition  
  • Additional support for individuals and their families:  
    • Dedicated helpdesk for addressing questions and providing encouragement 
    • Food giveaways to alleviate immediate food insecurity 
    • Baby showers to support expectant parents 
    • Distribution of school backpacks filled with supplies for all grade levels
    • Introduction to banking and savings accounts to promote financial inclusion
    • Coat and sneaker giveaways to provide clothing essentials
    • Classes for fathers to enhance their parenting and relational skills 
  • Eight specialized deep dive groups focusing on various special topics, including:
    • Caring for Children with Disabilities 
    • Closing the Skills Gap 
    • Addressing Drug and Alcohol Addiction 
    • Reintegrating Individuals with Criminal Justice Involvement 
    • Promoting Financial Empowerment 
    • Enhancing Household Wellness 
    • Supporting Mental Health 
    • Providing Work Experience Opportunities 


  • Must be age 18 or older
  • TANF, extended TANF, and SNAP customers


  • Customers must be referred directly from the Philadelphia County Assistance Office (CAO).


No cost for those who qualify for funding.

Success Stories

  • Chanta – Through a Work Ready program called Five9, Chanta learned call center software, how to interact with customers, and take after-call actions, along with additional writing skills. Armed with this essential knowledge, Chanta earned a full-time position working in the ER department at Jefferson University Hospital.
  • Sheltimah – Sheltimah also went through the Five9 program, and afterward was able to land her dream job right here at JEVS!


123 S. Broad, 7th Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19109


Monday – Friday:
9 am – 5 pm


TEL: 267.238.3100
EMAIL:  [email protected]

Additional Languages Spoken

Cambodian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole

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