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Work Ready


Work Ready provides a comprehensive set of employment-oriented services to those receiving Public Assistance benefits, including those who are in need of specific help managing barriers to self-sufficiency. 


  • Community service placements to enhance skills and build résumés
  • Intensive one-on-one case management and facilitation of services by a trained case coordinator
  • Access to skills training and basic education services 
  • Assessment of obstacles and/or disabilities
  • Individualized service plans
  • Team support on issues including drug and alcohol, behavioral health, education, and vocational challenges
  • Job search and placement assistance upon completion of community service
  • Assistance navigating the Social Security/Disability system
  • In-home services for people unable to travel to local offices 
  • Services available in all Philadelphia neighborhoods 


Must be age 18 or older; TANF and extended TANF customers.


Customers must be referred directly from the Philadelphia County Assistance Office (CAO).

Additional Languages Spoken

Cambodian, Spanish, Vietnamese, Haitian Creole, Cantonese, Korean, Filipino/Tagalog 


There is no cost for those who qualify for funding. 


112 N. Broad Street
10th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19102


Monday – Friday: 8:30 am – 5 pm 


TEL: 267.238.3100

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