By Erin G.

When the City of Philadelphia referred a young woman named Q. to JEVS, Paul DeVito, Executive Director of Residential Services, took the call.

Q’s story reflects a difficult past. Living in different foster homes and “couch surfing” throughout high school, her history involves mistreatment by those who should have cared for her. Despite receiving earlier services, after turning 21, she was no longer eligible for Philadelphia Department of Human Services resources. 

When Paul was contacted, he knew it would not be a quick process, but believed that JEVS Residential Services/Supported Independent Living (SIL) could help. When Paul met Q., he could tell she was determined to be a successful, independent adult. Along with the JEVS SIL team, he worked through paperwork and hurdles to get funding and helped her apply for JEVS’ services.

Through the efforts of the JEVS team, Q. finally got her own apartment. When she moved in, she was happy to have the clean and quiet space and furniture, like a bed with a frame and a headboard.

With continued support from JEVS, she learned to manage public transportation and became a permanent part-time employee in the housekeeping department at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP).

She’s learning about budgeting and living on her own; she opened her own banking account and pays room and board.

Q’s JEVS support team is proud of what she has accomplished. Q. inspires Paul and others who meet her.

JEVS Home Care and Residential Services supports individuals with disabilities to live independently. Click this link to learn more about JEVS programs and services.

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