DSPs are important to the people they serve. A Direct Service Provider (DSP) can be a partner, a resource, an advocate, and an encourager.

Earlier this year, JEVS was in a program called the Frontline Worker Initiative pilot program.

Donna Crocker, Director of Staff Development & Capacity explains, “We were working as a group to bring value to our DSP’s so that they realize that this was a career for a lot of folks. We wanted them to feel that their position was extremely important because as we know during COVID, they were essential workers and they didn’t miss a beat. They were here.”

The National Alliance for Direct Support Professionals’ (NADSP) E Badge Academy, gives DSPs the chance to earn up to three levels of DSP certifications.

Crocker continues, “Rabi was the first person – she just jumped right in and she received the very first DSP certification for JEVS, which was amazing!”

Meet Rabi – a DSP and counselor, Rabi has worked for JEVS since since 2017.

Q: Why did you go for the DSP-1 Certification?

Rabi: “I guess I went for this certification firstly out of curiosity, especially when it said there will not be any examinations. So, I thought to myself, this should be pretty easy! And also because I just love to learn.  I believe no knowledge is ever lost.

The reasons I went for the certification are the belief that now with the certification, the DSP job will be considered a respected profession and not looked down upon. And a certification will be an attestation to the love and pride in  the job”.

Q: What was the certification process like?

Rabi: “My first impression was that the certification was going to be as easy as taking a walk in the park; I have never been more wrong! There was a particular write up of mine on a topic that was rejected three times before it was finally approved.

It never crossed my mind to give up on the process, rather I was more determined than ever, I saw it as a challenge that must be overcome.  I can’t put into words my feelings when this particular write up was finally approved. I think that was the highlight of the process.”

Q: How did it feel to pass the DSP-1 certification?

Rabi: “This accomplishment gives me a sense of pride that I did not give up half way.  But I will be more fulfilled when I get the DSP- 111. I started on the DSP- 11 already”.

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