By Melody Zimmerman

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) launched its “Get Ready, Get Set, Get Out” program in June, in partnership with the Philadelphia Department of Prisons. This program is for people who recently got out of jail or about to get out of jail. To join the program, you should be within 20-180 days of getting out of Philadelphia prison, and a resident of the city.  

When people who have been in jail come back to their community, it is hard for them to fit in and start a new life.  They might not have a place to live or enough money to support themselves because they have a criminal record. This can make it tough to find a job and take care of their basic needs. Also, some people might not trust them or treat them differently because they were in jail. All these things make it challenging for returning citizens to start fresh.  

Our Diversion and Reentry Services program supports people who are coming back to their communities after being in jail. When people are given the chance at education, work, housing, and money management, they have a better chance of staying out of a life of crime.  

Latifa Houston, a member of the program staff, said of her first week “The state of mind and attitudes of the GRGSGO staff will undoubtedly affect other people; when you can look on the bright side of life, you will inspire others to do the same.”   

Through our services, people can overcome challenges, deal with problems, and start building a better future!  

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