By Sviatlana Karabeinikava 

Dmytro came to the United States with his wife and two sons in July 2022 while fleeing the war in Ukraine. With only his basic knowledge of the English language, he found JEVS Center for New Americans. (CNA)  

His first step with the CNA staff was to improve his English through our ESL classes and then begin creating his resume. Dmytro was consistent and came to our offices three to four times a week eager to develop his skills and find employment. 

Dmytro and his job developer, Sviatlana, worked tirelessly to get and prepare him for interviews, and he quickly landed his first job. As his confidence and English language skills grew, they began a new job search which led to landing him a job he loves at Golden Valley Farms. 

His family is now settled down in a new home, his children are enrolled in school with new friends, and his wife has a career in education. To this day, Dmytro still calls to say thank you for this opportunity.   

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