By Jade A. Daniels

JEVS Project WOW (Project WOW) prepares young adults ages 16-24 for a future in the building trades and information technology. Through skills training, professional development, and completion of a high school diploma or equivalent, Project WOW supports participants to meet their education and employment goals.   

We recently talked with Walter about the difference Project Wow made in his life.  

Why did you enroll in JEVS Project WOW? 

I didn’t have my high school diploma and I didn’t know my path or what I wanted in life. The resources Project WOW provided showed me where I wanted to go in life and motivated me. 

What impact has the program had on you personally and professionally? 

Since completing the program, I get to network with more people and do things I never thought I could. The program gave me more confidence. 

What advice do you have for someone thinking about enrolling in WOW? 

First thing is to listen; I didn’t want to listen at first, but if you want to better your life you need to. Second is, everything in the program is free. And people who work at JEVS are trying to help you, you just have to be open to accepting it. 

What career opportunities do you have now? 

I work for Labor 57 working on highways. Project WOW prepared me to do this work. I got my first job while I was enrolled in Project WOW. 

Learn more about enrolling in JEVS Project WOW.

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