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Conquering Addiction

Meet Jennifer

Jennifer may seem like your average stay-at-home Mom, but not too long ago she was battling addiction and struggling to get clean.  Jennifer started drinking when she was barely a teenager and began smoking marijuana and taking pain pills when she was 15.  She didn’t start with opiates until her early 20s but she did everything else, including acid, up until that point.

Throughout her battle with addiction, Jennifer was able to get clean a few times but always relapsed.  When someone called DHS on Jennifer, she realized that she needed to get clean and stay clean or else she could lose her daughters.

“You’re able to do it. Just keep fighting every day. And, once you do, every day gets easier. I know people who are still in their addiction and I don’t look down on anyone. But, there are options out there. I just tell people they can do better. Look at me. I did it and you can, too.”

When Jennifer found JEVS Achievement through Counseling and Treatment (ACT), she entered the program at the highest level of treatment, taking part in group therapy for four months, three times a week, three hours each session.  After a couple of months at ACT, Jennifer got clean and has stayed clean ever since.  She has now finished every level of the program and is presently receiving the lowest treatment option.

Jennifer is now five years clean.  She is currently looking for a job and considering going back to school.  Knowing how far she has come, she offers support to other ACT patients and reassures them that they can overcome addiction, too.  Always putting her children first, Jennifer wants to provide her daughters with a good life and continue to stay clean.

> If you or someone you know needs help with their addiction, click here for our quick inquiry form and a JEVS intake specialist will be in contact.

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