Are you considering a return to the workforce or a career change at an age when you might not have expected it? It’s a question that resonates with a growing number of people as financial concerns stemming from the cost of living and inflation push more individuals to contemplate job changes at later stages in life. If you’re part of this group, you’re likely navigating a complex mix of emotions as you embark on your job search journey.

Searching for a job can undoubtedly be a stressful experience, and as a mature job seeker, you may be grappling with doubts and fears. It’s not uncommon for employers to question whether mature individuals possess the technical skills and adaptability needed in today’s multi-generational workforce. So, how can you conquer these doubts and challenge the stereotypes that some employers may hold about workers over the age of 50?

The answer might surprise you.

Peggy Truitt, the Director of Career Strategies at JEVS, has extensive experience working with mature individuals, and she offers a valuable insight: “The key to combating these stereotypes begins with shifting your mindset.” Picture of an older woman sitting on a couch and touching an iPad screen

She emphasizes, “While age discrimination is a reality, working with a career counselor can help you regain confidence by recognizing the immense value you bring as an experienced candidate.” Peggy adds, “Our clients aged 55 and above consistently express how much our career strategies have helped them prepare for interviews and secure exciting new opportunities.”

Fortunately, with the guidance of career professionals and strategic actions on your part, you can take that crucial first step toward embarking on a new, fulfilling career path. So, let’s explore the 3 main steps you can take to kickstart this exciting journey.

1. Embrace Lifelong Learning

Although the job market has evolved and it’s important to be technically savvy, don’t underestimate the power of being willing to learn. Many employers look for individuals who can step into unfamiliar territory, ask questions, and onboard quickly. Some companies even prefer employees to acquire their knowledge and skills through their own training programs rather than relying on prior experience gained elsewhere.

2. Leverage Your Experience

In the job hunt at 55 and beyond, seasoned individuals bring unique qualities to the forefront. Their years of dedication, proven commitment, and refined communication skills stand out. These traits are more than words; they’re a testament to resilience and adaptability. Seasoned job seekers know how to collaborate effectively with diverse age groups, offering a wealth of experience. In your job search, be sure to showcase the details of your experience and achievements. Our career counselors can help you with resume highlights and interview preparation so that you illustrate your experience as a desirable asset in today’s evolving professional landscape.

3. Seek Professional Career Guidance

While re-entering the job market, ask yourself if you could benefit from the support of a dedicated group of job search professionals who specialize in helping mature individuals find rewarding employment opportunities. This is where the JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ Program comes into play – a team that exclusively works with individuals like you!

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In addition to these 3 tips, our career counselors will help you develop your “elevator pitch,” which is around a 30-second intro about yourself and your background. It can feel weird to self-promote, but all professionals can benefit from being strategic about and comfortable with sharing a quick personal introduction. In fact, Career Solutions for 55+ helps in this way, too. We help clients learn how to emphasize recent work experiences and achievements, not just responsibilities, on your resume. Additionally, you’ll learn things like how to use storytelling during interviews and how to position yourself as an invaluable contributor to new teams.

In the meantime, you might have moments when searching for a job feels like a long and even disheartening process, especially if you haven’t searched for a job in a while. However, armed with the right guidance and the most up-to-date strategies for a successful job search, your next position might be closer than you imagine.

So, don’t wait! Reach out today by calling 215-832-0878 or by contacting Career Solutions for 55+. There’s no time like the present to re-enter the workforce or discover a more fulfilling and rewarding career path than your current one. We are here, ready, and excited to support you on this journey!

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