By Rossella A.

At JEVS Human Services Work Ready, we are deeply committed to serving single parents living under the poverty line. The holiday season can be particularly challenging for these individuals, as they strive to create memorable experiences for their children with limited funds.

Our goal is to alleviate these pressures, allowing our participants to enjoy the holiday season without the worry of how they will feed their families.

Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway

This year, we hosted our annual Thanksgiving Basket Giveaway. The event was expertly organized by our Resource Coordinator, Nicole Quann, with items generously donated by the Columbus Construction Company LLC and our dedicated Work Ready staff. Each bag included ingredients for classic American side dishes and a $25 Giant Supermarket gift card to purchase a Turkey.

We were thrilled to assist 51 families in total. Despite initially having only 50 bags available, we managed to provide an extra, last-minute holiday bag to an additional family. One participant expressed their gratitude, saying, “I had no idea how I was going to make Thanksgiving dinner for my family this year because I could not afford it.” This feedback underscores the significant impact a single event can have on our clients.

A member of The Columbus Construction Team reflected on the event, stating, “Small actions, big impact. We’re not just building structures; we’re building stronger bonds with our community. Grateful for the chance to give back and spread some holiday warmth!”

These moments motivate us to continue finding ways to better serve and support our community. Nicole shared her thoughts, saying, “When people are going through difficult situations, it is not what you say, it is how you make a person feel through your actions. Seeing the families’ reactions is enough to let me know that I am here for a reason.”

At Jevs Work Ready, we believe in the power of small actions to create big impacts.

Emergency Food Resources

If you or someone you know needs emergency food resources, there are several options across the Philadelphia Area. For more information, please scan the provided QR code.

If you want to see more about Columbus Construction LLC’s service to the local community, click this link to follow and like their Facebook page

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