By Mariya D. – Job Developer 

Anastasiia is a Ukrainian refugee who came to JEVS Center for New Americans (CNA) in January 2022 speaking only Ukrainian and Russian.  

She worked as a production operator and warehouse worker in Ukraine and Czechia, and she wanted to work in the same field in Philadelphia. To help reach this goal, she began taking ESL classes to improve her English. Her CNA Job Developer also helped her create her resume and schedule interviews to begin her employment journey. 

Anastasiia attended several interviews but was often declined due to her lack of English proficiency. However, this didn’t deter her, and she continued her English as a second language (ESL) lessons every day with CNA staff.  

In March of 2023 Anastasiia landed a full-time job with a local storage and fulfillment company, working in the same field she is passionate about. After beginning her new job, several companies that she previously interviewed with reached out with more job openings. She was excited and grateful for the additional opportunities but chose to remain with the storage and fulfillment company where she still happily works today. 

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