Connor H. trying out the touch screen options on the new PIN (Philadelphia Independence Network) Smart TV during an assistive technology training session.

With the help of a grant from Autism Speaks, PIN members are benefitting from a wide array of assistive technology. The JEVS Assistive Technology Services team worked together to upgrade Assistive Technology (AT) at the Independence Network clubhouse in Narberth, PA. They installed a Dell 55” touch monitor with a webcam to assist with PIN clubhouse events and meetings, and installed smart home devices such as an Amazon Echo Show 15, and a Ring doorbell with a chime. These devices will allow the clubhouse to operate with increased safety and convenience. They also provided weighted blankets, sensory toolkits, noise canceling headphones, and sensory pillows to assist members with self-regulation in times of stress or anxiety.

They supplied kitchen assistance tools such as cut-resistant gloves, finger protectors, and an adaptive cutting board to assist members with cooking anxiety or dexterity struggles to participate in cooking activities with increased safety.

The JEVS Assistive Technology team has also scheduled trainings on AT with the PIN members to teach them about the equipment they received, as well as how AT can assist them at home as well. So far, they have held events with the members to teach them how to interact with their Dell touch monitor and webcam and use it for virtual meetings to allow all members to participate, and entertainment that all members can easily access. During this session they also introduced some of the low-tech AT tools to the members such as the weighted blankets, sensory pillows, sensory toolkits, and noise-canceling headphones.

The team also conducted a session about what AT is, and orchestrated a scavenger hunt for the members to participate in by taking pictures of AT that they encounter in their daily life. The team will continue to meet with the PIN members to provide training for smart home technology, and events to demonstrate using AT tools in the kitchen.

JEVS Independence Network is a whole life program with embedded supports serving Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Follow this link to learn more about Independence Network. Follow this link to learn more about JEVS Assistive Technology Services.

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