Meet Dorian, a former participant in JEVS IT Pre-Apprenticeship program who is now working full-time in IT.  

He sat down for a Q&A to talk about his interest in IT, and what he’s doing now.  

JEVS: What interested you in the JEVS IT Pre-Apprenticeship Program at Orleans Technical College? 

Dorian: I’ve always been into technology since a young age. Whenever my family members had issues with IT, they naturally asked me to help. I just became adept at handling technology issues. 

JEVS: What did you value the most about the program? 

Dorian: What I value most about the program is the connections I’ve made and the knowledge I’ve gained that I wouldn’t have otherwise. 

JEVS: Where do you think your IT career will go in the future?  

Dorian: I became interested in working in IT initially. But down the line, I want to be a software developer. 

JEVS: What are you doing now since completing the program? 

Dorian: Thanks to the JEVS program, I found a full time job in IT. I was granted an amazing opportunity with an electronic engineering company and I’m glad I was offered it so quickly. 


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