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Meet Yana, a job developer with JEVS Center for New Americans Refugee Assistance Program. For 22 years, Yana has helped refugees from various countries find gainful employment through job research, resume preparation, and mock interviews. “Our clients brought with them, their culture, work experience, and their personal and transferrable skills. We guide our clients to discovering their talents to get the job they love. In our Center for New Americans, clients get a head start to achieve the American dream.”


Meet Jian, the director of employment services at JEVS Work Ready program. In his role, he and his team provide a range of services to meet the needs of participants including access to education and training opportunities to move clients towards self-sufficiency. “I believe I make hope happen by connecting our clients and families to resources, education, and employment.”


Meet Don Brantley, Jr. a community employment specialist with JEVS hireAbility. In his role he searches for job opportunities for people from all walks of life including, job coaching, mentoring, assisting with job applications, and travel training. “If I can make a difference in someone’s day, I feel I have done my job.”


Meet Rabi, a direct support professional and apprentice alcohol and drug counselor who provides healing and promotes hope to her clients through actively listening, empathizing, and offering encouragement. Rabi puts herself in her clients’ shoes and listens to them the way she would want someone to listen to her. “I love my job because it is a call to service and an opportunity to make a difference.”


Meet Latanya the Director of Student Financial Services at JEVS’ Orleans Technical College where she has spent 20 years making hope happen for students and their families by guiding them through the process of obtaining state and federal funding for their educational career. “We educate the parents and the students…at Orleans Technical College it’s all about getting to know your students and making hope happen.”


Meet Terance a Youth Placement Coach for JEVS Project WOW and IT Pre-Apprenticeship programs that serves Philadelphia youth ages 18-24. Terance makes hope happen for program participants by “introducing them to themselves” by taking them on a journey leadership through self-discovery. “I make happen by introducing these young people to themselves, and I’m passionate about it, and I love every minute of it.”


People of JEVS

Meet Sam, an Employment Specialist with JEVS Achievement through Counseling and Treatment (ACT) program who is making hope happen for clients in recovery through long-term job placement. “I enjoy being apart of an organization like JEVS who’s core principles, making hope happen, are what we strive for.”


People of JEVS

Meet Valerie, an instructor with our Work Ready program since 2017. She works teaches clients to become customer service workers for call centers or similar positions. With her unwavering dedication, Valerie feels that she can make a difference in her clients’ lives as they learn career skills that get them to the next step in their lives.

Valerie recently graduated from JEVS EduConnect program—the first JEVS employee to do so—which will allow her and her team at Work Ready to achieve even greater success.

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