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Meet Sviatlana, an employment counselor and job developer with JEVS Center for New Americans. With her assistance, over 100 clients have been placed in new jobs over the last 8 months. In her role, she works with the CNA team to provide various employment services like creating and updating their resumes, transferring their skills to a new role, job search, and interview prep. “At CNA, we work as a team to provide our clients and their families with the services they need to overcome employment barriers.”


Meet Jade, communications coordinator for JEVS Human Services (JEVS) where she works with our communications team and various programs to share stories of our clients, students, staff, and organization as a whole. “I am excited to work as our Communications Coordinator and continue telling the stories that make JEVS, JEVS.”


Meet Mark, a program specialist for the JEVS Lifesharing program. He has spent 30 years helping participants become more independent and begin new journeys. “When participants go into job interviews and get the job without me being there, that’s the most rewarding part of my job.”


Meet Latasha, a senior HR manager and co-chair of the JEVS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council. She works with her Human Resources colleagues to help employees feel comfortable and supported at work. “At JEVS we understand that DEI is a HR function and it is also embedded in our strategic plan and our growth plan moving forward.”


Meet Ranee, our volunteer manager who oversees in-kind donations and organizing events to ensure all donations are distributed to the participants we serve. “We know we’ve made a difference when we are able to fill a need. Whether it’s a simple pair of socks, toothbrush, diapers, whatever that basic need may be, we can fill it.”


Meet Hamidou, lead IT instructor with JEVS IT Pre-Apprenticeship program. Hamidou and his team work to empower students through a unique six month program helping them to become Microsoft Office specialists and completing their A+ certifications at no cost. “Our trainings empower students to gain more knowledge for corporate America and their future careers.”


Meet Karen, an employment specialist for hireAbility in New Jersey, Karen’s goal is to Make Hope Happen for individuals with disabilities.


Meet Rodney, campus President at JEVS Orleans Technical College. In his role, he works to ensure that all departments are working together towards a common goal of serving our students and introducing them to the plentiful opportunities in the trades. “We make hope happen at Orleans Tech by fostering an environment that’s conducive to learning and ensuring that our students have the support they need to succeed.”


Meet Nicki Woods, executive director of workforce development and a member of JEVS’ Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion council. In her role she makes hope happen by contributing to the growth of programs and making connections to diversify our services. Nicki joined the DEI council to have a voice and contribute to broadening our reach, to network with her peers and staff from other programs, and to participate in this culture shift. “It’s important that we not only foster inclusion and belonging in everything we do but we also need to live and breathe it everyday.”


Meet Jian, the director of employment services at JEVS Work Ready program. In his role, he and his team provide a range of services to meet the needs of participants including access to education and training opportunities to move clients towards self-sufficiency. “I believe I make hope happen by connecting our clients and families to resources, education, and employment.”

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