JEVS Human Services (JEVS) Integrated Behavioral Health Programs use a person-first approach. Our services promote self-determination, recovery, and resilience for individuals with mental health challenges. 

Our mental health services combine peer, family, and community support to help individuals reach their goals.  

JEVS Mental Health Outpatient Clinic  Our outpatient services are designed to help individuals find a sense of calm and wellness without hospitalization. We work with each person to figure out what mental health support is needed, including from peers, family, and community. 

JEVS Community Integrated Recovery Center (CIRC) JEVS Community Integrated Recovery Center helps people with serious mental illnesses and co-occurring disabilities by providing education, community integration, and employment training. 

 JEVS Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation Services (MPR) Mobile Psychiatric Rehabilitation (MPR) services treat people with mental health disorders and serious mental illnesses in their own homes.        

JEVS Certified Peer Services Certified Peer Specialists (CPS) provide encouragement, empowerment, and hope to people with substance abuse disorders and mental health disabilities. 

Community Residential Rehabilitation Services (CRRS) At CCRS people with behavioral health diagnoses live together in a group receiving support toward recovery, independent living, and engaging with the community. CCRS helps residents participate in and plan for everyday life in the community. Specially trained staff focus on providing the least restrictive services to residents.  

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JEVS mental health services providers take the time to learn the individual’s needs and build a path that best supports their goals. Learn more about all of our mental health offerings.  

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