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Citizens’ Role in Fueling Philadelphia’s Economic Growth through Grow with JEVS

By Erin G. 

Dan Fitzpatrick, a commercial banking executive with over 25 years of experience, is the President of Citizens’ Mid-Atlantic Region. In this Q&A, Dan shares about Citizens’ role as the presenting sponsor of Grow with JEVS and the impact of this partnership on Philadelphia’s economic growth and community enrichment.

1. What motivates Citizens to sponsor Grow with JEVS?

Through Citizens’ giving strategy, we support initiatives that lift people up, so that our local economies also succeed. Citizenship is at the heart of our company’s identity, and when people and communities reach their potential – we all thrive. By sponsoring Grow with JEVs, we can fund both JEVS’ mission and a convening event for influential leaders in Philadelphia.

2. How do you see the annual fundraiser Grow with JEVS supporting the Greater Philadelphia communities?  

Events like this shine a light on the needs and opportunities that exist within our city. And most importantly, what solutions JEVs brings to the table. While we celebrate their successes, it is also a call to action on what more needs to be done to help people reach their full potential.

3. Why should public and nonprofit partners work together to provide opportunities for individuals? 

We can’t solve community problems alone. We need to team up to provide multiple opportunities for people to succeed.

4. As a business leader, how do you see the partnership between Citizens and JEVS Human Services supporting local economic growth? 

At Citizens, we believe that supporting workforce development is a key part of having a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive business environment and society. We believe that employed communities drive economies and lead to entrepreneurship.

5. What would you say to encourage other businesses in Philadelphia to support JEVS’ mission?  

By investing in job training and wrap around services, you’re helping to set people up for financial success, which in turn helps Philadelphia to thrive as an economy. And when our city succeeds – we all succeed.

Driving Economic Prosperity in Philadelphia

With gratitude for Citizens’ support for Grow with JEVS, we acknowledge their pivotal role in fueling Philadelphia’s economic growth. JEVS remains steadfast in its mission to work with individuals to create sustainable paths to independence and economic security. Together, we establish lasting impact and build brighter futures for our community.

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