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Three Ways to Pay for Home Care

By Thomas H.

If you or someone you care about needs care at home, you might be wondering, “how can we pay for it?” Fortunately, it’s easier than it may seem.

Many people qualify to receive home care at no cost, and for others the cost is more affordable than expected. Here are three ways to cover the cost of home care.


The first way to pay for home care services is through Medicaid. Medicaid is the government healthcare insurance program for people with low incomes. Medicaid covers 100% of the cost of home care, so if you are on Medicaid currently, you can begin receiving services at no cost. However, you need to be approved. In Pennsylvania, the first step is to complete the application for home care services. This application is managed by The Pennsylvania Independent Enrollment Broker (PA IEB), also known as Maximus. The Maximus application process can be confusing, but JEVS Care at Home (JCAH) has experts who can answer your questions. Contact JCAH to help you or your loved one start the process.

Long-term care insurance

The second way to pay for home care services is by using long-term care insurance. Some insurance policies cover part or all of home care expenses. Yet these policies can be expensive and may have age restrictions. It’s important to purchase them in advance since they might not be an immediate solution. If you’re approaching retirement and considering future needs, talk with a financial professional who can go over the pros and cons of long-term care insurance.

Private Pay or Private Duty

The third way to pay for home care is from personal funds. You may have concern about the cost, but home care is not as expensive as you may think. You also might need only part-time home care. A few hours of home care each week can do a lot to enhance quality of life and support independence at home. Even if you are on a budget, home care can be affordable, and the benefits can far outweigh the cost. 

Contact us today with any questions you have about paying for home care and the benefits of in-home care from JEVS Care at Home. We’ve been serving clients across Pennsylvania for over 40 years, and we’re here to help! 

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