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2 Million Reasons to Help the Nonprofit Sector Solve World Challenges

By Vanessa Smith Updated May 8, 2024

At ServiceNow, we’re driven by our purpose to make the world work better for everyone. To that end, one of our top priorities is helping the global nonprofit sector digitally transform its operations.

That’s why we launched the ServiceNow.org Partnership for Good Grant: to provide nonprofits with technology that will allow them to do better business and more good.

In 2024, we committed to award four grants—up to $2 million in total value—to individual nonprofits that use technology in impactful ways to enable greater efficiencies and better serve their communities.

I’m delighted to share the four exceptional nonprofits that have been selected as the inaugural recipients of the grants:

CARE, a leading humanitarian organization working to increase access to quality education for marginalized children, is developing an AI-enabled education program tracking tool through the grant. Education and Youth Services grantee in collaboration with KPMG

JEVS Human Services, which works with individuals to create sustainable paths to independence and economic security, will develop a universal portal for staff and participants in its programs. Hunger and Poverty Alleviation grantee in collaboration with Accenture

Make-A-Wish Canada, working with communities across Canada to provide children with critical illnesses the opportunity to realize their most heartfelt wish, will establish an end-to-end workflow for wish fulfillment. Cause and Cure grantee in collaboration with NewRocket

WaterAid provides clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education to communities worldwide and will implement ServiceNow IT Service Management throughout its organization. Humanitarian and Disaster Response grantee in collaboration with EY

Changing the world for the better

As the president of ServiceNow.org, I see immense opportunity for more nonprofits to use the ServiceNow platform and want to extend its reach to even more organizations across the sector.

There are so many ways we can seek to change the world. For us at ServiceNow, access to technology is the most practical way we can help solve the world’s greatest challenges that confront nonprofits.

These grants give four nonprofits access to ServiceNow technology—as well as related consulting services to deepen their impact—so they can deliver outcomes at the same level as their for-profit counterparts.

We’re also giving the grant winners access to ServiceNow professionals who have the business and technical skills to support successful adoption. This includes access to our workflow design studio team, which will collaborate on designing bespoke solutions.

Partnering for maximum impact

It’s not just ServiceNow leading the charge. Our partner ecosystem is also leaning into the Partnership for Good Grant program. Erica Volini, senior vice president of global partnerships at ServiceNow, believes collective action and collaboration are at the core of creating impact.

“I’m thrilled our partners are joining us to help bring the transformative power of technology to the nonprofit sector,” Volini says. “It demonstrates two things: one, our united purpose in making the world work better, and two, the strength of our relationship in delivering our technology across varied sectors.”

Accenture, EY, KPMG, and NewRocket will each align to one of the categories of grants and be the dedicated implementation partner with the corresponding nonprofit. The four categories are:

  • Cause and cure
  • Humanitarian and crisis relief
  • Poverty and hunger alleviation
  • Education and youth services

Increasing access to resources

“Accenture believes that technology and human ingenuity can help address some of the world’s most critical challenges and improve the way people work and live,” says David Kanter, senior managing director and ServiceNow Business Group lead at Accenture. “Drawing on our extensive experience with ServiceNow technology, we look forward to applying our expertise to help nonprofits deliver better outcomes and scale their impact for greater good.”

“To achieve our purpose of building a better working world, EY collaborates with like-minded organizations to positively impact millions of lives,” adds Hank Prybylski, global vice chair for transformation at EY. “By joining ServiceNow as the implementation partner for humanitarian and crisis relief, our mission is to use technology to coordinate rapid responses in the immediate aftermath of disasters and support communities to not just recover, but also build back better.”

“We are thrilled to join ServiceNow’s Partnership for Good Grant program, where we will provide funding for the education and youth services category,” says Anita Whitehead, president and chair of the KPMG U.S. Foundation. “Furthering our strong alliance relationship with ServiceNow, this program aligns with our commitment to increase access to resources, like powerful technology, to make a positive impact in our communities.”

The ServiceNow.org team and our partners in this program are thrilled with the response and sheer number of high-quality applications we’ve received from the global nonprofit community. We’re honored by their desire to use ServiceNow technology to further their missions.

I thank Accenture, EY, KPMG, and NewRocket for their outstanding partnership in this program and their support in providing best-in-class advisory services to our grantees. Congratulations to our four incredible grantees!

Find out more about ServiceNow.org and the dedicated team helping the global nonprofit sector digitally transform.

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