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Employee Town Halls with CEO Cynthia Figueroa

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) President and CEO Cynthia Figueroa had Town Hall meetings with JEVS employees to celebrate all the good things and important milestones achieved in the programs and groups during the last year. These meetings also gave the staff a chance to get to know each other better. In total, 500 employees joined these meetings, both online and in-person!

Cynthia was thrilled to hear so many staff members share their experiences. She asked everyone to answer the question, who is JEVS? Everyone gave excellent responses, including: JEVS is “humanitarian gladiators!” Other answers were: “JEVS is a large social services agency that helps individuals meet their life goals and live independently.” “JEVS recognizes that everyone deserves to live with dignity.” “JEVS is an opportunity provider.” 

She also went over big wins for the organization for the past year, including the following: 

  • JEVS Community Living and Home Supports division expanded its work to Trenton, NJ 
  • The Diversion and Reentry Services program within JEVS’ Workforce Development division also expanded its reach. The Choice is Yours program, a diversion program for first time nonviolent drug offenders ages 18-24, opened a second office in Montgomery County, PA.  
  • Orleans Technical College, JEVS’ vocational training school added Health Care Training to its suite of training offerings. 

Staff Town Halls are one way that JEVS continues to improve the collaboration and integration of its programs and services.  

For more information on our programs, please visit www.jevs.org. 

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