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People of JEVS: Meet Revena

By Rossella A.

The main goal of Work Ready is to help people gain independence and find fulfillment.

This support makes a positive difference in their lives, families, and communities. It also helps them grow. One participant, Revena W. shares how she went through the same path others are now taking.

Her journey of growth and success is inspiring and is sure to encourage anyone in a similar position.

How long have you been with JEVS?

“I have been associated with JEVS since 2007. Initially, I was a client when JEVS operated at 112 N. Broad St. During that time, my case coordinator was Luis Gonzalez, and my placement counselor was Evelyn Morales. The manager at that time was Soulemayne Falls. These three individuals played a pivotal role in helping me identify the barriers that I was unaware of. With their guidance, I gradually transitioned into administrative duties by volunteering in the file room with Mr. George. I am thrilled to share that I was offered a position as a Case Coordinator in November 2022, which, within a short span of one year, evolved into the esteemed role of a Clinical Services Supervisor.”

“I had to have faith in myself. JEVS helped me find my potential. This boosted my self-assurance and made me determined to achieve success.” – Revena W.


What attracted you to your role and JEVS?

“I have always expressed my desire to join JEVS and assist individuals in the same manner I was supported. JEVS has demonstrated to me that by effectively utilizing the available resources, I can truly transform the dynamics of my own existence. Despite facing initial rejections, I remained persistent and listened to God’s guidance, which ultimately led me to reapply and secure the opportunity.”

What advice would you give to someone interested in a career at Work Ready?

“If you’re considering this job, be ready to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. The people we work with need someone who can understand them and assist them in finding solutions. Often, people accept a job without fully understanding what they’re getting into. In this role, be prepared to offer support when no one else will, be prepared for the emotional moments when your clients break down barriers, be prepared for some frustration when you recognize the potential in your clients even if they aren’t aware of it, and most importantly, be prepared for the unexpected. But overall, I must say, “I absolutely LOVE my job.”

What’s something that most people don’t know about you?

Most people do not know that I used to be shy. In the early stages of my life, I was incredibly reserved and lacked assertiveness. However, everything changed as I entered my late teenage years and experienced the unfortunate reality of being a victim of bullying. It was during this time that I found my voice and from that point forward, I never turned back.

If you’re interested in a rewarding career, view our current job listings by clicking here.  

People of JEVS: Meet Carmen

By Jade D.

At JEVS Human Services (JEVS) we pride ourselves on not only helping those we serve to reach their goals, but also in finding, keeping, and nurturing outstanding staff members! 

Our employees range from Direct Support Professionals (DSP) and job coaches to communications specialists and accounting professionals, all with a common goal to give excellent service and support.  

Recently, our Help Desk Manager Carmen G. shared about his JEVS’ experience, tech advice, and surprising career background! 

How long have you been with JEVS? 

I have been working for JEVS since December 2021, just under two years.  

What attracted you to your role and JEVS? 

Up until my employment at JEVS, my IT career was in the private sector, but I was interested in succeeding at a nonprofit agency. I did some research and was attracted to the great work JEVS was doing.  I have to say without hesitation that working at JEVS has been an incredible journey so far. The people I work with and support here are true heroes. JEVS is also invests in its employees and encourages us to grow and succeed. I have been active in joining various JEVS committees and was also selected to participate in the Leadership Development Series.  

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in a career in IT? 

A couple of things come to mind; technology is always evolving and changing quickly, so if you want to succeed in IT, commit yourself to being a lifelong learner. Complacency can turn you into a “dinosaur” quickly, especially in the IT industry.  When faced with technical or customer support challenges (and you will be), look at the bigger picture and be curious. Being curious changes your perspective and helps alleviate any anxiety or stress. Focus on a resolution and communicate with the end user and your team, instead of predicting a negative outcome. Make sure that you surround yourself with a great team and ask for help. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you are going to make them, so don’t get discouraged; instead learn from them. 


If you’re interested in a rewarding career, view our current job listings by clicking here.  

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