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JEVS Human Services opens new practical nursing program in Orleans Technical College

By Abraham Gutman, Philadelphia Inquirer

The new program is part of an expansion of JEVS and Orleans into health-care training. Orleans Technical College, which is operated by JEVS Human Services, will enroll its first cohort of practical nursing students in the fall.


Orleans Technical College will offer a new practical nursing program this fall in response to a growing demand for trained workers in the Philadelphia region, according to JEVS Human Services, the nonprofit that runs the school.

The private technical school in Northeast Philadelphia will enroll 25 students in its first cohort. The program’s graduates will be able to work as licensed practical nurses, who are certified to perform basic medical tasks and often work in nursing homes.

“This pathway provides life-sustaining wages for people in our region,” said Janet Eickhoff, JEVS’ senior vice president of career and technical education.

The average pay for a licensed practice nurse in the Philadelphia area is $63,870, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The cost of the one-year program is $28,000. Most students in Orleans qualify for federal Pell grants and other financial assistance programs, Eickhoff said.

JEVS has been offering training programs through Orleans in traditional building trades for decades.

Orleans has created other training programs in phlebotomy and clinical medical assistance over the past two years after hearing of demand for such workers from health-care employers. The licensed practical nursing program is the latest in JEVS expansion in the medical sector.

“Our pivot into medical training is recent and fast growing,” said Cynthia Figueroa, JEVS’ president and CEO.

JEVS is partnering with nursing-home providers and hospitals, including Oakwood Nursing in the Northeast and Jefferson Einstein in North Philadelphia, for the students’ hands-on training.


JEVS Celebrates the Holidays

By Jade D.

JEVS Human Services staff celebrates the holidays by gathering for festive fun and giving back to the community!

Canned Food Drive

Staff Blanket Giveaways


Employee Potluck

Orleans Tech New Years Toast


Celebrating the Newest Orleans Tech grads

By Tom Waring

Orleans Technical College last week honored 311 graduates in its building trades programs.

The Nov. 29 ceremony took place at the Philadelphia Ballroom, 2014 Hornig Road, and recognized students who successfully completed programs in carpentry, residential and commercial electricity, plumbing, building maintenance and air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, including 34 property maintenance and repair graduates in the JEVS Human Services Project WOW program.

Longtime director of admissions and student services Debbie Bello read the names of graduates, who accepted their diplomas and posed for pictures with Cynthia Figueroa, JEVS president and CEO, and Orleans Tech campus president Rodney Brutton. Some graduates earned tradesperson awards, while others were recognized for perfect attendance or “outstanding” attendance.

Figueroa said she enjoys watching classes at Orleans, 2770 Red Lion Road.

“It’s usually the highlight of my day,” she said.

Shaquille McFadden, a graduate of the residential and commercial electricity program who was hired by SEPTA, addressed the crowd, saying, “After a long battle, we finally made it.”

Jamell Joyner, a 2021 graduate of the residential and commercial electricity program, encouraged new grads to follow the 3 H’s: be humble, honest and have a hunger for knowledge. 

Waleska Maldonado, JEVS chief program officer, urged the grads to push the boundaries, dream big and work hard.

“We celebrate not the end but the beginning of your new chapter,” Maldonado said. 

Kick Off the New Year with a New Skill

By Jade D. 

Are you interested in gaining a skill or earning a certification in 2024? Do you want free resources to help you land a new job? 

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) has healthcare, IT, and trades programs to help you achieve your education and career goals. Upcoming programs beginning in January include: 

Healthcare Courses 

Phlebotomy offered by JEVS EduConnect 

Sterile Processing Technician offered by JEVS EduConnect

Information Technology Certifications  

Google Certificate offered by JEVS EduConnect 

CompTia A+ offered by JEVS EduConnect 

Information Technology training offered by JEVS IT Pre-Apprenticeship

Trades Programs 

Property Maintenance and Repair offered by JEVS Project WOW 

8-Month HVAC Program (Day) offered by Orleans Technical College 

Contact us today and start planning for your new year! 

JEVS Center for New Americans Helps People Overcome Barriers  

By Mariya D. – Job Developer 

Anastasiia is a Ukrainian refugee who came to JEVS Center for New Americans (CNA) in January 2022 speaking only Ukrainian and Russian.  

She worked as a production operator and warehouse worker in Ukraine and Czechia, and she wanted to work in the same field in Philadelphia. To help reach this goal, she began taking ESL classes to improve her English. Her CNA Job Developer also helped her create her resume and schedule interviews to begin her employment journey. 

Anastasiia attended several interviews but was often declined due to her lack of English proficiency. However, this didn’t deter her, and she continued her English as a second language (ESL) lessons every day with CNA staff.  

In March of 2023 Anastasiia landed a full-time job with a local storage and fulfillment company, working in the same field she is passionate about. After beginning her new job, several companies that she previously interviewed with reached out with more job openings. She was excited and grateful for the additional opportunities but chose to remain with the storage and fulfillment company where she still happily works today. 

To learn more about CNA resources, visit the link here.  

Orleans Technical College Celebrates Graduates from Building Trades Program

311 individuals graduate from the college’s carpentry, electrical, plumbing, property maintenance, and air conditioning, refrigeration, & heating programs.

Philadelphia, PA (November 29, 2023): Today Orleans Technical College (Orleans), a program of JEVS Human Services (JEVS) celebrated 311 individuals who graduate from the college’s carpentry, electrical, plumbing, property maintenance and air conditioning, refrigeration, & heating programs.

Orleans Campus President, Rodney Brutton welcomed the graduates and their families; followed by JEVS President & CEO, Cynthia Figueroa who opened the event. Figueroa celebrated the graduates’ commitment to furthering their career goals. She said, “Thank you for committing the time to attend classes, study, and learn. It’s no small feat given all the demands outside of the classroom. Balancing family, work, and school life can be a challenge at times, but you did it! You persevered and dedicated yourself to moving forward in your career.”

Shaquille McFadden, a 2023 residential and commercial electricity graduate, was selected by students and faculty to represent them at this year’s graduation. His instructor said, “Shaquille’s attendance, attitude, skill attainment, and overall leadership in the classroom were stellar. He always made himself available to assist classmates.”

Orleans alumnus, Jamell Joyner, also spoke to the graduates. Joyner graduated in 2021 after making a career change to commercial electrical. He talked about working three jobs to support his family while getting his credential in electricity from Orleans. Joyner said, “My short-term sacrifice led to a life-long career that brings my family financial security and brings me a greater sense of purpose and happiness.”

Included in the graduation were 34 graduates in property maintenance who completed JEVS Project WOW program. Project WOW helps youth and young adults get their high school diploma as well as learn building skills.

In addition to credentials in the building trades, Orleans helps connect graduates to jobs. Over 100 partners recruit potential employees from Orleans. The 2023 Orleans graduation event marks the college’s 49th graduation.


About Orleans Technical College. JEVS’ accredited, non-profit career training school, Orleans Technical College, prepares adults for careers in building trades and healthcare. Since 1974, Orleans Tech has

helped students move toward one common goal: learning new skills to enhance their success in the workforce. Orleans Tech offers job training programs in building trades and healthcare. For more information, please visit www.jevs.org and www.orleanstech.edu.

Building Career Pathways in Information Technology

By Jade D. 

At JEVS Human Services (JEVS) we value our relationships with local employers and their support in providing employment pathways for our participants.  

Rob C., Director of Operations at i2m, has worked with JEVS Project WOW and IT Pre-Apprenticeship participants to provide interview prep, internship opportunities, and full-time jobs at i2m.  

Here’s what Rob had to say about his experiences with our participants and the impact they’ve had on the company as a whole. 

What made you begin your relationship with JEVS Project WOW/IT Pre-Apprenticeship? 

When I started at i2m five years ago, I was excited by the work we do with nonprofits, supporting those who are supporting the community in which we live. Our first intern, Jonathan R., is still with us and has received multiple promotions and is now working as a Systems Administrator. He is one of our shining stars and I believe that his work and dedication is what convinced us that this was a program that benefited us as much as we could benefit JEVS. Since then, we’ve expanded our work with these students and the time we volunteer with JEVS to assist this program. We take on as many interns as we can, I give presentations to the cohorts on resume building, what the IT interview process will look like, and my experience in the field. Personally, I am very passionate about this work because of my background. I was a first-generation college graduate who came from a family who had very little, and I saw what a struggle it was for my parents to be able to support me and my siblings. I also found that it was a field dominated by a single demographic of people that didn’t look like me and didn’t come from the places I came from. Working with interns out of this program allows for folks who don’t have traditional opportunities to break into IT to get their first real chance working in a field that can give their families better opportunities. 
How many program graduates are currently working at i2m? 

Out of our 18 full-time employees, we currently have seven employees who have come out of JEVS Project WOW/IT Pre-Apprenticeship. On top of that, we’ve hired five other interns who have moved on to bigger and better things outside of i2m.  

What support do they receive at i2m to further their skills? 

If they’re interning with us our objective for them is to take what they learned in class and see real world examples of these theories in action. Our goal is for the intern to walk into interviews for their first jobs, full of confidence about what they know and how well they know it. These internships can be four, six, or eight weeks in length and we try to expose them to everything a first-year technician will come across. If they get hired out of internship, our pre-apprenticeship program begins. This program is far more intensive and focuses on the many different opportunities in IT to expose the apprentice to as much as we can outside of their daily duties. This also helps i2m start to gauge what skillset or natural aptitudes the apprentice has and help guide them to future positions within i2m.  

What has been your experience working with our graduates? 

Our experience has been great. Graduates come to us full of excitement about this field and ready to tackle it. We’ve built our employment funnel around the internship program. We very rarely hire outside of these programs, then we promote from within to fill vacancies. This has allowed i2m to grow, for our staff to be as diverse and representative as our clients, and to allow us to have staff members who are excited about their work.   

Learn more about JEVS Employer Services here. 

Career Development Resources at JEVS

By Jade D.

November is National Career Development Month, for people to assess their current positions and think about their future professional goals.  

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) has several programs that help individuals gain skills and find employment. Our career development resources include: 

JEVS Career Solutions for 55+ provides one-on-one career counseling for mature jobseekers in Philadelphia. 

JEVS Career Strategies uses personal career coaching, assessments, computer training, and workshops to help individuals find and secure jobs.  

JEVS Center for New Americans provides job training and employment coaching to refugees, asylees, and survivors of human trafficking through comprehensive programming. 

JEVS hireAbility offers employment services that help individuals with disabilities, mental health needs, or substance use disorders get employed and be active in their communities. 

Helping Hands offers help to Jewish community members who are looking for a new job.  

PA CareerLink® helps individuals learn new skills like how to write a resume, prepare for an interview, and maintain steady employment. 

Work Ready provides employment services to individuals who receive TANF and SNAP assistance through a team of dedicated case coordinators. 

To learn more about career development opportunities at JEVS, visit the link here and get started! 

From Apprentice to Employee: Meet Nafesse

By Jade D.

JEVS Project WOW is all about getting young adults, ages 16-24, ready for exciting jobs in the building trades and information technology. It’s done through teaching important skills, helping with professional growth, and making sure they earn a high school diploma or something similar. Project WOW is here to support them in reaching their education and job goals. 

We had a great talk with Nafesse not too long ago about his experience with Project WOW and how it paved the way for his role at JEVS. 

Why did you enroll in JEVS Project WOW? 

I enrolled in JEVS Project WOW because I was lost and didn’t know how to further my life and career. When I was informed that JEVS was enrolling students into their IT Pre-Apprenticeship program, I figured I could go and get the foundational knowledge to pursue a great career in IT.   

What impact has the program had on you personally and professionally? 

After completing the Project WOW Pre-Apprenticeship, I was opened to the broad and extensive path in the Information Technology space. I interviewed with JEVS and became an Intern, which led me to my current Junior Help Desk Analyst role 5 months later.  

 What advice do you have for someone thinking about enrolling in WOW? 

The advice I would give a student enrolling into JEVS Project WOW would be to stay vigilant and open-minded with the intent to learn as much as you can. There’s so much to take from this program, and it can help you become the best you can be going forward.  

What career opportunities do you have now? 

I now have a Junior Help Desk role here at JEVS Human Services with space to grow my career and I can say I am honored to be an apprentice of JEVS Project WOW. 

Learn more about enrolling in JEVS Project WOW by clicking here. 

People of JEVS: Meet Carmen

By Jade D.

At JEVS Human Services (JEVS) we pride ourselves on not only helping those we serve to reach their goals, but also in finding, keeping, and nurturing outstanding staff members! 

Our employees range from Direct Support Professionals (DSP) and job coaches to communications specialists and accounting professionals, all with a common goal to give excellent service and support.  

Recently, our Help Desk Manager Carmen G. shared about his JEVS’ experience, tech advice, and surprising career background! 

How long have you been with JEVS? 

I have been working for JEVS since December 2021, just under two years.  

What attracted you to your role and JEVS? 

Up until my employment at JEVS, my IT career was in the private sector, but I was interested in succeeding at a nonprofit agency. I did some research and was attracted to the great work JEVS was doing.  I have to say without hesitation that working at JEVS has been an incredible journey so far. The people I work with and support here are true heroes. JEVS is also invests in its employees and encourages us to grow and succeed. I have been active in joining various JEVS committees and was also selected to participate in the Leadership Development Series.  

What advice would you give to someone who is interested in a career in IT? 

A couple of things come to mind; technology is always evolving and changing quickly, so if you want to succeed in IT, commit yourself to being a lifelong learner. Complacency can turn you into a “dinosaur” quickly, especially in the IT industry.  When faced with technical or customer support challenges (and you will be), look at the bigger picture and be curious. Being curious changes your perspective and helps alleviate any anxiety or stress. Focus on a resolution and communicate with the end user and your team, instead of predicting a negative outcome. Make sure that you surround yourself with a great team and ask for help. Lastly, don’t be afraid to make mistakes, you are going to make them, so don’t get discouraged; instead learn from them. 


If you’re interested in a rewarding career, view our current job listings by clicking here.  

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