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Celebrating Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month

February is Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month, which recognizes the many career opportunities in the trades industries. During CTE Month, we take the time to learn about and share the benefits of completing CTE training.

Understanding Career and Technical Education (CTE) 

CTE helps students learn job skills through hands-on learning, connecting classroom knowledge with real-world job requirements. It also offers opportunities for internships and apprenticeships to provide thorough training. The goal is to get students ready for the future. 

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Training that Leads to Career Options

CTE also lets students try out different jobs before choosing one. Students can choose between many paths, including healthcare, technology, and building trades. Once students focus on an option, they are able get certificates and degrees that can lead to jobs. In February, during CTE Month, schools, businesses, and communities come together to recognize and celebrate CTE programs. 

Explore CTE Options

JEVS Human Services (JEVS) and its program Orleans Technical College (OTC) both offer CTE options for medical, information technology, and building trades industries.

JEVS offers medical and information technology training. Some programs even help eligible participants gain a high school diploma equivalent. To learn more about CTE options at JEVS, click this link

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OTC offers day and evening courses as well as medical and building trades programs. To learn more about CTE options at OTC, click this link.

Career and Technical Education Month reminds us of how important CTE is for the future workforce. By focusing hands-on learning and real-world training, CTE helps people gain job-ready skills and start on a successful career path. 

Explore Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs at JEVS Human Services

Discover JEVS Human Services (JEVS) programs this February during Career and Technical Education (CTE) Month! JEVS provides choices in medical training, information technology, and continuing education to help you learn and grow in your career.

EduConnect: Certifications for High-Demand Jobs

EduConnect provides certifications for jobs in medical or information technology industries. Students receive success coaching and one-to-one support. Classes are hybrid and at no cost for eligible applicants. Click this link to learn more about EduConnect’s medical and IT programs.

Project WoW: Property Maintenance & Repair (PMR) or Certified Production Technician (CPT) Programs

Project WoW’s PMR track is a free 22-week program for Philadelphia residents aged 16-24. It includes skills training, help to gain a high school diploma equivalent, and support to find a job in the building trades. The program is free for eligible participants. Click here to learn more about Project WoW and PMR.

Get started with CTE options at JEVS Human Services!Project Wow’s CPT route is a 6-8 week program for Philadelphia residents aged 18-24. Options include logistics, manufacturing, maintenance, production, and more. Participants can earn MSSC’s CPT 4.0 & CPT+ certifications in Safety, Manufacturing Process & Production, Quality Practices & Measurement, and Maintenance Awareness. Instructors are certified by the Manufacturing Skill Standards Council (MSSC). The programs use Amatrol computer-based learning to simulate real-world factory situations. Interested in the CPT option? Click this link for more information.

IT Pre-Apprenticeship: Training for Philadelphians Aged 18-24 in IT and Office Technology

For Philadelphians aged 18-24, JEVS offers the IT Pre-Apprenticeship program, providing training in IT and office technology. This program can open doors to opportunities in the tech field and is free for eligible participants. Click here to explore the IT Pre-Apprenticeship.

Classes are starting soon, so reach out today!

From Apprentice to Employee: Meet Nafesse

By Jade D.

JEVS Project WOW is all about getting young adults, ages 16-24, ready for exciting jobs in the building trades and information technology. It’s done through teaching important skills, helping with professional growth, and making sure they earn a high school diploma or something similar. Project WOW is here to support them in reaching their education and job goals. 

We had a great talk with Nafesse not too long ago about his experience with Project WOW and how it paved the way for his role at JEVS. 

Why did you enroll in JEVS Project WOW? 

I enrolled in JEVS Project WOW because I was lost and didn’t know how to further my life and career. When I was informed that JEVS was enrolling students into their IT Pre-Apprenticeship program, I figured I could go and get the foundational knowledge to pursue a great career in IT.   

What impact has the program had on you personally and professionally? 

After completing the Project WOW Pre-Apprenticeship, I was opened to the broad and extensive path in the Information Technology space. I interviewed with JEVS and became an Intern, which led me to my current Junior Help Desk Analyst role 5 months later.  

 What advice do you have for someone thinking about enrolling in WOW? 

The advice I would give a student enrolling into JEVS Project WOW would be to stay vigilant and open-minded with the intent to learn as much as you can. There’s so much to take from this program, and it can help you become the best you can be going forward.  

What career opportunities do you have now? 

I now have a Junior Help Desk role here at JEVS Human Services with space to grow my career and I can say I am honored to be an apprentice of JEVS Project WOW. 

Learn more about enrolling in JEVS Project WOW by clicking here. 

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